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Published: Apr 20, 2017 4 min read
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15 Background Ideas For Your Next Instagram Photoshoot


By Sue B. Zimmerman

Source: suebzimmerman


When you think about your Instagram photos, you probably pay a lot of attention to the subject of your Instagram photoshoot (product, person, or whatever it might be). But what about the backdrop of your photo? While you might consider the backdrop of your photo as an afterthought, this important style element can actually have a big impact in helping you create beautiful, styled images. Backdrops can help your photos in a few ways:

  • Set the tone for your image (seasons, emotions, or energy)
  • Harmonize the various elements of your photo
  • Create a pop of color that takes your photo from drab to fab


While I always encourage my clients to pay careful attention to their use of backdrops, there’s one really important design tip to keep in mind – consistency. You don’t want your feed to appear jumbled with wood, confetti, and colorful backdrops. Whatever your design style, you should always use the two or three backdrops that make the most sense for your brand.

Here are 15 backdrops that you might want to try:

#1 Foam board

If you work in an industry where you constantly find yourself designing intricate flat lays, foam board is an inexpensive yet beautiful way to stylize your featured products. Even better, foam board comes in lots of colors, so you are more likely to find a backdrop that works best for your specific brand colors.

Just remember, subtly is key. As you can see in @womenandwhiskies photo, you don’t need bold patterns or neon colors, subtle backdrops can work just as well (if not better) for beautiful photos.


#2 Nature

You don’t have to make a special trip to the craft or stationary store to find the perfect backdrop. Whether you’re using ferns, pinecones, or pebbles, any of these natural elements have the potential to help you create a naturally beautiful photo.

For an extra pop of texture, try layering your elements like @jugosboston. By carefully arranging the ferns over the wood backdrop, Jugo’s instantly creates a more complex, memorable image.


#3 Painted walls and buildings

Painted walls and buildings are my go-to backdrop when I’m traveling. Murals, colorful garage doors, these large backdrops are the perfect spot to stop, pose, and capture an awesome high-energy photo.

Colorful walls aren’t just a perfect spot for a flawless selfie! Take a look at how @sprinklescupcakes uses the contrast between a delicious ice cream cone and beautifully colored building to create playful contrast. Art is always the perfect backdrop.


#4 Wood

Wood will always be an Instagram classic. Using the natural nooks and grains, I love seeing jewelry designers use wood elements to highlight their one-of-a-kind creations. The secret is to take the time to find interesting ways to incorporate the wood into your product shot.

Much like @charliemadisonoriginals does with her jewelry collection, try several different shots to see how the natural crevices, textures, and grains either enhance or distract from your product.


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