By Dan Gingiss Source: Forbes Conventional wisdom says that companies should respond to everyone on social media. When people take the time to compliment a company, they want to be acknowledged; when they have a complaint, they want empathy and a resolution; and when they have a question, they just want the answer. But some people […]

By Adam Bornstein Source: Entrepreneur Q: When looking at our marketing spend, what’s more important for digital growth: SEO or social media? — Chris G., Minnesota Before consulting, I made my living as an editor in media. Each job I held taught me the same lesson: Digital growth is not about manipulating tools like search […]

By Katrina Niemisto Source: Marketo Ready to take your digital marketing campaigns to the next level? Have you been Googling for examples, templates, and/or case studies of great digital marketing campaigns? Or maybe you’ve noticed a lag in your growth/performance numbers? You probably don’t need someone else’s creativity, but you might be able to benefit […]

By Danielle Narveson Source: Marketo If you’re familiar with the TV ad scene, you’ve noticed it’s been a rocky year, and budgets have uncomfortably tightened. All this change is not just in your head; according to research from eMarketer, TV ad spending in 2017 dropped for the first time since 2009. However, digital ad spending has reached new […]

By Andrew Broadbent Source: Entrepreneur Millennials and, in fact, all demographics like brands that are fun and approachable. Netflix didn’t become the most popular streaming video subscription service by accident. Clearly, it hired smart people to run its analytics, content strategy and customer-experience initiatives to grow its subscription base, all the while reducing churn and cancellations. This media services […]

By Sujan Patel Source: Entrepreneur I like talking to new people and getting to know them. I’m never one to turn down invites to social engagements, either, because I think talking to people in person, one on one, is the best way to learn more about them. The same should be true about your relationship […]