BLOG 3 Digital Marketing Strategies that Ensure B2B Online Success

Published: Feb 21, 2020 3 min read
B2B marketing
Reading Time: 3 minutes

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In this fast-paced and evolving digital landscape, the online environment for B2B companies is always shifting as a result.

So, how do you ensure success in turbulent digital spaces to grow your client base, build more professional relationships, and get ahead of the competition?

One of the most important digital marketing strategies that B2B companies can and should take advantage of is market analysis. By pinpointing your target market, you’ll have the demographics to back of your content, the driving force behind growing internet traffic to your website and social media pages.

In the B2B world, content reigns king – but surprisingly enough, 60 percent of B2B marketers say they experience difficulty in crafting content that will be engaging to their audience. One of the most effective ways to get your message across on your website/blog and on social media channels are beautifully crafted infographics.

Digital marketing trends point toward an increase in user desire for quick and consumable content. As such, B2B marketers have been relying more heavily on such graphics, jumping from 50 percent utilization to 58 percent in 12 months.

The final and most important digital marketing strategy for B2B companies is a striking website that is responsive, informative, striking, and easy to navigate. For B2B companies that rely heavily on ecommerce and website user engagement to drive their sales, a solid website is key to online (and offline!) success. In fact, 84 percent of online purchases will be abandoned if the user feels that the website is insecure.

Outside of ecommerce and sales, your website is the gateway to and for potential clients – it’s the one-stop place for all things your company. As such, it should accurately convey your B2B company’s message and showcase your products and services. Start with clear, concise, and readable content for your webpages, and always consider the impact of SEO on your online ranking in search engines.

Your competitors are doing it, and you should, too. Are you ready to begin crafting a digital marketing strategy tailored to your B2B company’s unique needs? Contact ONE18MEDIA today. Take the first step toward clearly identifying your target market and building a quality website designed to showcase your company and what makes it go above and beyond.