BLOG 3 Steps for CEOs Eyeing Social Media Success

Published: Oct 19, 2016 < 1 min read
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3 Steps for CEOs Eyeing Social Media Success

By David Cohen

Source: SocialTimes

So, the CEO of your company wants to dip his/her toes into the social media pool? MDG Advertising has three suggestions.

MDG Advertising shared the infographic below, elaborating on its three steps for CEOs, which are:

  1. Start with LinkedIn: The business network is the most popular with CEOs for a good reason; find out how to make the most of your profile and optimize your presence.
  2. Pick other networks and stick with them: CEOs can’t be on every network outside of LinkedIn, but they should be on some; learn how to determine which are the right ones for you.
  3. Avoid being boring: Social posts from CEOs are often dull, despite the executives being personally engaging; find out how to avoid this huge pitfall.

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