BLOG 4 Pinterest Hacks You Can Adopt to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Published: Aug 23, 2018 2 min read
Reading Time: 2 minutes

By Syed Balkhi

Source: Entrepreneur

If you didn’t know it already, Pinterest is a blogger’s best friend. You may have thought the platform was useful only for finding recipes, home decor and DIY projects; but in fact it’s so much more: Every single day, 2 million people post pins on Pinterest and a large number of those pins come from bloggers, startups and entrepreneurs who are finding new fans for their blogs and businesses.

As a blogger, you stand to gain a ton of traffic, in fact, by turning your blog posts into pins. The way this works is that any time someone finds your pin, it’s a pathway straight to your site. But with so many pins on the platform to sift through, how do you stand out from the crowd and get a ton of re-pins?

There are some simple tactics you can try to make you more popular on Pinterest and lead more readers to your website. Here are four Pinterest hacks to drive traffic straight to your blog.

1. Create boards for your target audience.

If you’re a blogger who focuses on digital marketing, having a board dedicated to recipes isn’t going to do much for you. Instead, create boards tailored to your target audience so they’ll be able to easily discover you.

Lauren from the financial site The Practical Penny has created Pinterest boards based on the interests of her website visitors, money-saving tips and personal finance advice.

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