BLOG 5 Tips for Writing a Great Social Media Post

Published: Dec 13, 2022 6 min read
Social Media Post
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As entrepreneurs, you already realize the importance of social media and how it can grow your business. Ever-changing algorithms can make it challenging to get your message across to the public, but that shouldn’t stop you from making a concerted effort with your online presence. On the flip side, it doesn’t have to be painstaking, either. Here are 5 tips to write a great social media post.

Speak Casually

When it comes to writing a great social media post, a big part of your copy comes down to speaking casually.

No reader wants to feel like a robot is talking to them, nor do they want to feel like they’re being advertised to. Don’t believe us? Check out the Twitter account for Wendy’s. Known for their quick and witty banter, the fast food chain also utilizes social media to share memes, speak in tune with current lingo, and even roast users.

Speaking casually is a huge part of social media. You have to use contractions, personal pronouns, active voice and present tense. You also want to use active verbs and action verbs to add energy and make your post sound more like a conversation you’re having with someone than a lecture they’re hearing from you. First person is also very important on social media because it allows the reader to see that you’re talking directly to them (e.g., “We do this” instead of “The company does this”).

Speak to the Client’s Problems

Another simple but often overlooked way to write a great social media post is to speak to the client’s problems. Remember — it’s best to keep the conversation focused on the subject and your target audience rather than you and your brand. Everyone knows what your brand is about — what they want to know is how your brand can solve their problems.

Be specific about the problems you’re addressing, and use examples of how you’ve helped other clients solve similar problems in the past. And again, use a conversational tone rather than a formal one, as it might come across as condescending or unapproachable to readers who may not be familiar with your brand.

Sell the Benefits, Not the Features

When writing your social media post, be sure to emphasize the benefits over the features. Benefits are what your product does for the customer, while features are what your product is made of. In other words, benefits explain how a customer will benefit from using your product (or service), while features explain what makes it work or differentiates it from your competitors.

Benefits are typically more compelling than features because they’re usually more relatable and easier to understand by non-technical users.

Take, for example, when Apple first introduced the iPod in 2001. “1,000 songs in your pocket” was the shot heard around the world — and music consumption was never the same again. But the gist of this analogy is that Steve Jobs didn’t get on the podium and announce “500 GB of storage” — because what does that mean to people?

Thus, selling the benefits is a concept that goes hand-in-hand with speaking to the client’s problems.

Include Raw Statistics

Social Media PostWords are a great method for getting your message across, but you know what else grabs people’s attention? Numbers.

We live in an age where metrics are easily trackable, and people want to see success. It’s numerical success that provides faith in a lot of people. For example, if you want your company to seem appealing on LinkedIn, you may want to consider showing the statistics behind your high retention rates.

If you’re writing a social media post for a college, you may want to highlight the graduation rates and perhaps where students have landed in the workforce post-graduation.

Calls to Action Wrap Up a Great Social Media Post

The last thing you’ll want to do with your social media post is, as you’ll see below (wink, wink), include a call to action. 

A call to action is a phrase that encourages readers to take action. For example, if you’re writing a blog post about how to make the perfect cup of coffee at home, your call to action could be “brewing a delicious cup of coffee can be easy!” or “try this recipe!” 

When writing a call-to-action, make sure that: 

  • It’s easy to understand
  • It’s relevant to the reader
  • It’s actionable (the reader knows what to do next)

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