BLOG 6 Video Marketing Trends that will Shape 2017

Published: Jan 31, 2017 5 min read
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6 Video Marketing Trends that will Shape 2017

By Sarah Quinn

Source: SocialMediaToday

2017 is well under way, so you’ve probably already read a million blogs about what we marketers can expect for this upcoming year.

But bear with me, this one’s different, honest.

How can I be certain?

Because I’m not sat here with my mystic ball trying to guess at what’s going to happen just for the sake of writing content.

We’ve compiled a “State of Video Marketing 2017” survey with 49 results from marketers and consumers, which detail exactly what’s going to happen this year.

And let me tell you, there are plenty of trends that as a marketer, you need to be considering if you want to get ahead of the game.

So, let’s get started…

1. Facebook Live

78% of businesses that have used Facebook Live said it was an effective marketing tool.

Facebook Live is a great trend to adopt because it’s so versatile, and instantly connects you with your audience. You don’t even need a fully defined plan, because your audience can ask you questions as you go, meaning the conversation can go in many different places.

Plus, it’s completely free. No need to worry about your marketing budget, just hit live and Facebook does the hard work for you. It’ll send out push notifications to your audience, notifying them that you’re live – which of course encourages more people to watch it.

One of my favorite examples of a Facebook Live video is The Body Coach – Joe Wicks. He creates tons of live videos with him showing his audience different work out routines. He’s managed to build an entire community of the back of this, and people will tune in to join Joe as he does an entire routine.

He also gets the person filming him to read out comments as they appear, which helps to encourage more people to join in, helping to build his community every time he holds a live workout session.

Top tip when creating a Facebook Live video: Focus your Facebook Live videos on learning from what your audience wants. Hold Q&A sessions, read out responses from people taking part in the session, and do all you can to build a growing Facebook community.

2. Instagram Video

85% of businesses that have used Instagram video said that it was an effective marketing tool.

Instagram recently rolled out the same feature as Facebook, in that you can now do live broadcasts. The only difference with Instagram is that once the stream’s finished, it’ll disappear. For marketers, I still think this is a beneficial feature to utilize. I’ve already spent a lot of time taking part in Instagram live stream videos, asking questions and waiting for a response from the host. It makes the viewer feel part of a community, and because it won’t stick around forever, it almost feels like exclusive viewing.

Instagram will also let you create a regular “story” video, similar to Snapchat, which will lie at the top of your users’ feeds. Of course, you’re limited to 10 seconds, but I’ve seen many brands uploading a “story” of videos to help keep people engaged.

For example, an Instagram video story from Asos follows a fashion event that they were holding, which helps boost brand awareness, and promote their new line within their online shop.

Top tip when creating an Instagram video: Use your video to promote an upcoming product launch, or cover an event. As you’ve only got 10 seconds to play with, make sure you create a fun story that keeps viewers wanting to watch the next one.

3. Snapchat

88% of businesses that have used Snapchat said that it was an effective marketing tool.

Snapchat has a bunch of options to choose from including, paying for video ads in between users’ stories, creating Geofilters to encourage users to promote your product for you, or simply setting up your own story and uploading it to your followers.

Snapchat’s certainly a social media channel that focuses on having fun, and one brand that’s known for doing this successfully is Sour Patch Kids. They create funny videos, such as the one below, which are essentially mini ads, but are presented in an entertaining way:

Top tip when creating a SnapChat video: A Snapchat video should be fully focused on building brand awareness. Make sure you don’t try and go too hard on the sales, have a bit of fun and create an engaging story.

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