BLOG 8 time-saving social media marketing tools

Published: Sep 17, 2018 4 min read
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By Rebecca Redelmeier

Source: PR Daily

Social media use, interaction and strategy have changed dramatically in recent years.

Influencers have transformed how brands reach potential customers, video storytelling has enhanced engagement potential, and interactivity has shattered the wall between content creators and consumers.

Social marketing tools, technology and tactics have become an essential part of excelling on digital platforms—and a key component of business communication success. Here are eight indispensable resources that will make your life easier:

1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite offers a comprehensive dashboard that enables you to manage all your social media accounts on one screen. With Hootsuite you can schedule posts, track engagement, curate content and monitor analytics. There’s also an ever-evolving corresponding app ecosystem with add-ons and extensions to customize your dashboard.

2. Tweetdeck

If Twitter is your social media motherlode, Tweetdeck is worth a try. Tweetdeck helps you stay on top of mentions, “likes,” retweets, followers and tweet performance. Now owned by Twitter, Tweetdeck pairs perfectly with the platform’s other tools to help businesses maximize performance.

3. SproutSocial

SproutSocial is the meeting spot for all your social media mailboxes. Messages can be tagged, sorted and assigned to streamline team workflow. SproutSocial also includes social media management tools and analytics, with the capacity to schedule posts and track engagement across platforms.

4. Google Alerts

Think of Google Alerts as an inverse search bar, where digital mentions of relevant topics are delivered directly to your inbox. You can tag anything for a Google Alert, and you can customize how often and what kinds of results get delivered.

5. TrackReddit

Pop quiz: What’s the fifth most popular website in the world? If you guessed Reddit, you guessed right.

Despite the network’s immense popularity, most companies have not established a Reddit presence. TrackReddit can help you find marketing success on Reddit by tracking terms relevant to your business, which enables you to respond and interact accordingly.

6. ReviewTrackers

This tool enables you to monitor customer reviews on major platforms such as Google, Facebook, Amazon and TripAdvisor. ReviewTrackers also makes it easy to respond to online reviews and analyze your feedback.

7. Spike

Spike tracks more than a million pieces of content—videos, articles, Instagram posts and more—every day in real time. By ranking the stories that are performing strongest on Facebook and Twitter, Spike offers marketers a comprehensive look at the themes and topics that are driving conversations in their niche. Try it for free today.

8. NewsWhip Analytics

By providing access to four years’ worth of social media data from top platforms, NewsWhip Analytics gives you the insight to outperform your competitors. Check it out for free here.

Social media marketing continues to change, which means strategies must adapt and stay current. Take advantage of tools and technology that save you time, offer valuable insight and help you craft more effective content.

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