BLOG How Content Curation Saves Your Audience from Content Overload

Published: May 20, 2017 3 min read
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By Marissa Burdett

Source: UpContent


When content curation is implemented effectively, everyone wins. The brand, or curator, saves time that would have been spent crafting more original content, maintains an active and engaged presence on social media, and is perceived as a trusted thought leader–goals that support and enhance their other content marketing efforts. Additionally, the audience equally benefits by gaining access to more valuable, relevant content, written by a variety of sources–the reward for brand loyalty that keeps on giving.

With these kind of benefits, it’s no surprise that content curation has earned such a prominent role in content marketing strategies over the past year. There is one additional value proposition that content curation offers, however, that isn’t as widely discussed but is perhaps the biggest reason why it will continue to thrive:

Content curation is the remedy for content overload, a very real challenge that both brands and audiences face. People are exposed to thousands of messages every single day and this constant stream of information can feel relentless. As a result, brands have to work even harder to stand out, while audiences scroll endlessly through the excess in search of the stuff that actually interests them.

Curation solves this problem by putting the power and influence in the brand’s hands while reducing the amount of time and work invested by audiences. Brands select and present specifically tailored content that their audience will love; in turn, audiences are able to streamline their content sources, more inclined to go to their trusted brands for the content they want instead of wading through the content themselves.

Effective content curation eliminates all of the unnecessary noise, providing a service that is in constant demand. People don’t want more content; they just want better content and they will continue to go to the sources that provide them with just that.

“When you choose to find, share, and comment on the best of the best articles in your industry, you will gain authority. If you do it consistently, you’ll build authority. People will look to you to see what’s happening and what’s worth discussing.”
– Kevan Lee, Buffer

There are some excellent brands who demonstrate how providing tailored and intentional content can result in a loyal, educated, and engaged community. Here are two to illustrate:

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