BLOG Digital Marketing for Schools: Maintaining a Consistent Marketing Strategy

Published: Jan 18, 2022 5 min read
digital marketing for schools
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As a school, your marketing should never take a day off. Across the year, around the clock – a school’s digital marketing strategy should always be at the top of its game. When it falls off, it can mean great consequences for your school in terms of advertising, funding, and, most importantly, enrollment rates.

With the new year underway, now is the time to position yourself for success with digital marketing for schools. Don’t leave it up to chance by attempting to navigate the digital world blindly. Instead, invest in digital strategies and tools proven to strengthen your school’s marketing, improve enrollment rates now and in the future, and ensure your return on investment every time. 

The Importance of Custom Digital Strategies for Schools

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to marketing, especially when it comes to education. That’s why it’s important to establish a digital marketing strategy that considers all aspects of your school, from the size of your institution to the communities and students you serve. From there, it’s a matter of identifying the digital solutions most appropriate for your school and customizing them to suit your unique needs. 

By working with a full-service digital marketing agency dedicated to the success and longevity of your school, you’re investing in the future of your district as a whole. At ONE18MEDIA, we understand the scope of your digital needs and your commitment to students. Through our custom solutions like website design and management, paid ads, landing pages, pop-ups, admissions call tracking, and more, you’ll be able to ensure your school’s ROI and increase admissions quickly.

Find the Solution That’s Right for Your School

Website Design and Management

A school’s website serves myriad interests and needs to serve lots of different people: current students, prospective students, potential donors, alumni, parents, faculty, and staff. It can be a challenge to get all of these messages across in a strategic, concise, and visually appealing way, which is why a great website experience for users is essential. 

With a well-designed site and marketing content, prospective families will see all of the amazing opportunities your school offers all in one place. At ONE18MEDIA, we make sure your strong points, traditions, and success stories stand out, especially in the competitive private school, college, and camp markets.

Lead Generation

In the digital age, we’re bombarded with a constant stream of advertising, media, and other digital content, which is why prospective families rely on simplified, personal web experiences to make a decision about the educational future of their children. 

In order to attract the best prospects to your school, it’s crucial to implement the most effective lead generation tactics. Doing so will help you stay ahead in the competitive private school, college, and camp markets.

Below are a few of the most effective lead generation tactics for schools: 

  • Organic and paid ad campaigns
  • Landing pages
  • Website pop-ups
  • Admissions Call Tracking

In addition to approaches to digital marketing for schools listed above, one of the most effective ways to approach lead generation for schools is to ensure your website and all other marketing materials are online when you need them most. When problems arise, such as server shutdowns or plugin errors, your school needs to have access to support around the clock.

Are you ready to start growing your school and improving your approach to digital marketing? Achieve real results for your school by partnering with a company that understands completely. At ONE18MEDIA, we’ve got the marketing know-how and digital solutions you need to position your school for success in the long term. Improve enrollment rates and ensure your ROI with the peace of mind that comes from working with a full-service agency. 

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