BLOG Does Outsourcing Marketing Work?

Published: May 10, 2022 6 min read
outsourcing marketing
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Has your company seen exponential growth over the past year? Have you reached a point where marketing can no longer be done in-house? Or maybe your one-person marketing department could use a helping hand?

Perhaps it’s time you outsource your company’s marketing! In this blog, we’ll weigh the pros and cons of how outsourcing marketing can affect your business.

Factors You Should Consider Before Outsourcing Marketing

Before you think about outsourcing your marketing, there are several factors to consider — such as finances and in-house priorities. These factors, of course, differ from company to company. 

If you’re a small business, ask: can we afford to outsource our marketing? Do we have a need for outsourced marketing — and if so, what do we hope to achieve with an outside firm?

For larger companies, would the cost of outsourcing marketing be worth it? Do you have enough capable and specialized team members, or would an outside firm be crucial to your operations? 

From a broader standpoint, are your employees productive or are they overworked? Would an outsourcing marketing firm make you stand out from the competition? Let’s take a deep dive into some of these questions!

Pros of Outsourcing Marketing

For both small and large businesses, outsourcing marketing has a number of benefits — mainly when it comes to cost and quality.


Cost-efficiency is probably the most appealing aspect for any business. Since marketing is a highly-specialized field, attempting to divvy up that workload amongst unprepared, unspecialized employees can prove to be ineffective and a waste of money. And it may seem like a hefty cost at the beginning, but the return on investment will be more than valuable in the end.

So instead of hiring a full-timer, you can outsource your work to a team of specialists — who all boast the necessary skills in SEO strategy, social media, and all other facets of marketing. For a large business, it’s also cost-effective as they get a team of people, multiple people, for the cost of what one or two employees might be. And most importantly, they can be hired on a per-need basis, as opposed to being full-time employees.

A Possible Increase in Quality

For large businesses, marketing specialists can help provide the top-notch quality work that your company requires. As digital marketing continues to evolve day by day, you need a team of experts who know the ins and outs of the field. This way, your workforce can remain focused on other pressing issues tied to your business goals, while a team handles the marketing aspect. 

In an age where every company is battling for digital attention, having a team of marketing specialists for your large business can also set you apart from your competition. While other companies may haphazardly thrust marketing duties on a lower-level employee, hiring a digital marketing team can help you attack on all social media fronts and carve out your digital niche.

Regardless of company size, setting actionable goals and executing a marketing strategy can alleviate a ton of pressure on your workforce. It’ll also help you maintain a schedule while hitting crucial social media KPIs and other marketing goals tailored to your ambitions.

Cons of Outsourcing Marketing

While outsourcing marketing can greatly benefit a company in terms of financials and quality content, there are several pitfalls that a company must be on the lookout for. One of them regards your employee performance.

Impact on Morale

When outsourcing marketing, it’s important to be aware of how your workforce reacts. Take note of their emotions and recognize if anyone feels or reacts negatively to bringing in an outsourced marketing team. It can potentially impact your team’s morale and productivity negatively, as some employees may feel threatened by an outside source — though this can be alleviated by sitting down with your team, laying down ground rules, and firmly establishing roles.

Potentially Expensive Investment

Another con your company may face is the flip side of expenses. Though a return on investment may be very high shall you invest in a digital marketing team, it’s making the initial investment that proves to be the challenge. You may not know the quality of work you’ll ultimately receive from the firm, though this can be circumvented by giving a digital marketing team of your choice a trial run.

Outsourcing Marketing with ONE18MEDIA

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