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Published: Jul 15, 2020 7 min read
Marketing and COVID
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By Rahis Saifi

Source: Business2Community

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change” – Stephen Hawkins. These words said by the famous scientist feel even more important during this COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses all over the globe have been significantly impacted due to the epidemic. However, it has also taught us that doing our jobs from the comfort of our homes is possible.

Unfortunately, no one can predict what a post-coronavirus reality would look like. We have seen CEOs switch and begun working from home while equipping many online platforms to complete jobs that were otherwise completed in the office. But, one thing is still sure for marketers; digital marketing channels are now more crucial than ever.

Before applying any changes, we should know that customers have moved indoors due to the fear of the novel coronavirus and so should your marketing tactics. Yet the question arises, how could you advertise your business in this hard time? If you are watching news channels all day and following the news updates about the coronavirus. Then you must be worried that people will never be able to leave their homes again.

Many experts have warned that it’s going to get worse before it gets better. However, don’t overlook the end of that quote. It’s going to get better.

Here in this article, are some digital marketing ideas that can help you meet your revenue goals during the coronavirus pandemic.

6 Digital Marketing Ideas to Consider During the Coronavirus

#1 Connect With Your Customers on Social media platforms

After-sale services are one of the main parts of a company’s overall marketing strategy. These days, we all are all in lockdown due to the coronavirus, and can’t answer customers’ calls on the office landline.

So, consider this lockdown as an excellent opportunity for your brand to stand out during a difficult time. Also, try to answer your customers’ queries on social media, as people stuck at home are more likely to increase social media usage, as they scan for updates and attempt to stay connected in a suddenly isolated nation.

#2 Save Outbound Messages for Critical Communications

When you start sending coronavirus-related emails to your entire mailing list, always remember, you are trying to convey your message in an over-messaged environment. Some people may delete most of the corona-related emails even without opening them because they may believe it to be spam. So, try to stand out of the crowd and ensure your message counts.

What message do you want to convey to your clients? Are you cancelling an already decided event, product launch or service offering? Do you have some crucial information about the product’s latest inventory or delivery times? Of course, a message to affected consumers is in order. Otherwise, silence is always golden.

#3 Make Sure Your Business Can Be Easily Found Online

As per Google, these days, search traffic has increased because many people are glued to their computer screens and phones looking for updates or entertainment to kill the boredom. For many, that includes shopping online.

If your business has a website, you have an additional means by which to sell your products and services. And believe me, online products and services are being consumed now more than ever. This is not the time to remain hidden. To stay in front of the eyes of your customers, business owners should employ SEO strategies that will keep their companies at the top of Google’s search engine results pages.

#4 Virtual Meeting Room

As a marketing expert, your desire is to meet people in person. However, you also want to follow social distancing as per the instructions of WHO, then you can conduct office meetings online on platforms like Google Meet, Discord and Zoom.

Note that Zoom has some privacy issues and Discord’s free servers aren’t so useful. However, you can still organise an online meeting with several clients using Discord Nitro to boost your server. Many businessmen can’t judge whether Discord Nitro is worth trying or a waste of money, But when you have to host a meeting with several clients at the same time without compromising with your privacy then Discord is an option on which you can rely.

#5 Prepare Your Business For the Bounce-Back Surge

As I mentioned earlier, the effect of coronavirus will fade after some time (take China as an example). This will be the time when customers will return to the markets, with their spending habits stabilized.

When the coronavirus outbreak effects start to fade, you may think about pausing the SEO campaign. However, remember that SEO is more of a long-term digital marketing strategy. What you do today for your website’s SEO campaign that will affect your organic search traffic two months from now.

Therefore, pausing the SEO campaign now will have harmful effects on your revenue after two months from now when the coronavirus begins to become a distant memory for almost everyone.

#6 The Smart Move of Advertising Right Now: Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

It is the era of technology, and most of us have access to computers and mobile phones. Consequently, this may be the right time to apply the PPC advertisement. If your previous efforts failed to net the desired results, try it again with new strategies as, at present, per-click rates are low in comparison to days gone by.

If you find any difficulty in getting more exposure and saving money then seek the advice of experts. You may also hire a team to help you to start a new PPC campaign that will help maximize your numbers.


It’s sad that the upcoming months are going to be difficult for new and small business. However, you should continue to stay indoors and practise social distancing. But from the marketing, business, and career perspective, it’s the time to make a change and stand out of the queue.

For many, the time has become much more abundant. So, use this time as an advantage and put all your efforts into your business allowing it to grow in a way that strengthens it as it emerges from the coronavirus pandemic.

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