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Published: Jul 15, 2021 3 min read
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Finding a Project Management Platform That Works for You

By Samantha Storms

It’s no secret that a good project management tool can completely transform the way you and your team work—for the better. From the planning stage of your project to its execution, all the way to the monitoring of your progress, effective project management tools provide your company with the stability and structure it needs to succeed.

With the transparency and accountability offered by project management tools, teams gain a higher-level overview of their workflows, and how each member of the company fits into each project—layer by layer.

A wide variety of features make project management tools an integral part of a business development plan that achieves success in the long-term: flexible project views, analytics, project and assignment tracking, and resource management.

Through these insights, teams are able to operate with one another more efficiently, saving you in valuable time and resources better spent in the long-term development of your business and operational plans.

How Does a Project Management Platform Work?

A project management platform is a digital software used by teams to plan, track, manage, and optimize projects, resources, and internal and external communications. There are several project management tools on the market today, each offering an array of features and capabilities for managing team projects.

However, there are a number of features most of these platforms share with one another:

  • Assigning and tracking of assignments and/or tasks
  • Layered workflow with parent and child projects Parent and child projects
  • Collaboration across internal teams through commenting or messaging features
  • Document sharing amongst teams

Depending on the needs of your company and/or your clients, it’s important to properly “shop around” to discover the benefits and disadvantages of each platform. By knowing what sets each apart from the rest, you’ll be better prepared to make the investment in technology that works for you.

Finding the Right Project Management Platform For Your Business

At ONE18MEDIA, our workflow is built upon the interconnectedness of our team, as well as our need for transparency and accountability from the organizational tools we choose to implement into our company structure.

In the market for project management technology? Contact the team at ONE18MEDIA to learn more about the ways in which project management software can give your workflow a boost, as well as how you can increase your business’s reach through an optimized digital marketing strategy.