BLOG Four Reasons Why Digital Marketing Improves Business’ Growth/ROI

Published: Nov 7, 2017 5 min read
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Marketing has come a long way since newspaper and word of mouth. Now, digital marketing is a specialized way to promote your business via social media platforms. Utilizing 21st century tools to promote your business is a necessary facet in order to increase revenue. By utilizing these four  points, you can increase the reputation of your company.


1. Cold calling doesn’t work as well as social media except for large clients.

There are purposes for cold calling in today’s market, but mostly when signing on bigger clients. Mostly, if you are cold calling clients, it’s only worth to do so if you are landing big name clients. As in, clients that will generate a lot of revenue are worth cold calling. Social media, however, has been shown to increase brand recognition for companies ever since the advent of the internet. Cold calling regular customers at home is not as effective as putting your business on social media; the only time cold calling works is when you are landing  a sale that could potential be a large payoff. But generally, this does not happen often. Social media presence is a sure fire way to improve the potential of your business. Furthermore, people are wary of telemarketers and are less prone to answer the phone from a number they don’t recognize. Social media is free for people to sign on and view your product. If you wish, there is also the possibility of paying for advertising on certain social media websites.


2. Social Media is the cheapest and easiest way to mass advertise.

79% of all internet users use Facebook. This means that millions of Americans nationwide use social media, which is just a platform that you could use to advertise your products. Creating a business Facebook page doesn’t cost anything, and is free. The only thing you have to consider is the content that you put up. You can use connections from your Facebook account to attract new customers and “Likes.” With enough of a following, your product can reach an audience that spans multiple states.  


3. Mass Emailing is the Second Best Way to Mass Advertise

Emailing has its perks, which mostly to do with the ease of use and cheaply available means (Gmail, Yahoo etc.) to get an email address. The reason it is the second best is that people are, like telemarketers, wary of spam emails. The way to get around this is to have a personalized email that is tailored to the customer. Having emails that are not substantive and look typical will result in a high bounce rate overall.  So the way to perform mass emailing is to ask questions, be personalized, have the customer avatar in mind when making your emails to send out.


4. Website and software applications drive modern advertising

WordPress, Squarespace, Weebly, Wix, as well as various other website development platforms allow businesses to use the space on the websites to advertise their product. These type of offers can entice customers to arrive at your landing page. Advertising online in general, on blogs, as well as podcasts can provide ways for companies to have exposure. Hiring a digital marketing company to handle your website and post regular content is a contemporary way to your business larger from more exposure. Most content for businesses are online, especially larger companies like Amazon etc. Using their internet space to promote your product can increase sales .When Amazon promotes your item on their website, more users will look at it. This has a powerful effect overall on overall exposure and conversion.


Going door to door and spreading the word of your business can only get you as far as people are willing to answer the door. People are online now more than at any time in history, and it’ll only keep increasing. Digital marketing is here to stay, and with the advantages it brings, the trend of marketing will keep inching towards the internet sphere.

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