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Published: Dec 27, 2022 5 min read
Home Service Business
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At ONE18MEDIA, we understand the struggle of home service business owners. We know that you spend countless hours servicing your customer base while also trying to expand your business. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard of digital marketing, but aren’t sure how to implement it into your strategic business planning. With these tips, here’s how you can increase your home service business’s sales with digital marketing.

Create an Audience Profile for Your Home Service Business

If you’re a home service business looking to increase sales, you’ll want to begin by creating an audience profile. At this point, you’re probably wondering what purpose an audience profile serves. Audience profiles give business owners an idea of what their customer base should look like and who business owners must cater to. This refining process allows for business owners to cast a more strategized net to rope in new clients rather than haphazardly throwing caution to the wind and hoping they’ll achieve new clients.

Some factors to consider:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Gender
  • Economic Status
  • Occupation
  • Education

Write Compelling Copy that Speaks to Your Audience Pains

Home Service BusinessAnother important step your home service business needs to take is to create compelling copy that speaks to your audience’s pains.

Writing effective copy includes a number of elements. Always keep the conversation centered on the client and their issues, not the other way around. This is because the client doesn’t necessarily know or care about your brand; what they really care about is how your brand can help them solve their problems.

Furthermore, keeping the copy focused on their pain points is important as clients will know how you can fix their problems. For example, many homeowners are gearing up for a rough winter and thus will be looking for a home service business that can help them winterize their HVAC system. Make sure to reiterate this in your copy — perhaps saying something along the lines of, “Don’t get stranded without heat! Winterize your HVAC system with our trained professionals TODAY before it’s too late!”

Offer Value in Your Digital Marketing

There’s the old adage of “You have to spend money to make money.” While not exactly applicable to this situation, it’s a similar concept that your home service business can employ to increase sales.

You should be willing to sacrifice a small amount of money-making opportunities to ultimately convert clients into paying customers. This includes offering free consultations, free at-home estimates, and other potential freebies in your digital marketing. This will allow potential clients to sample your services.

Create a Highly-Clickable Website

When looking for ways to grow your home service business it’s important that you think about how people use technology today. You should always ask yourself what are the best digital marketing strategies I can use for my business?

Creating a highly-clickable website is a surefire way to increase sales. HVAC clients are always on the lookout for solutions; so what better way to do so than include a number of offerings on your website? You can add features like a blog, a rundown of your business offerings (e.g. a “What We Do” section), your social media presence, a newsletter, and email list. 

Creating these clickable landmarks on your website can help capture a number of potential clients. How? Well, the longer you keep them engaged on your website, the likelier they will eventually get in touch given that your business provides an immense amount of value for their needs. All of these elements will help you to increase sales and gain more clients for your home service business.

Helping Your Home Service Business at ONE18MEDIA

If you’re a home service business owner, it’s important to start digital marketing so you can increase your sales. Luckily, at ONE18MEDIA, our team of social media experts can help your business increase sales. With compelling copy, strong social media savvy, impeccable web design, and more, you no longer have to worry about digital marketing — because we’ve got your back.

To learn more about how ONE18MEDIA can help, please visit our website and contact us for your FREE marketing audit today!