BLOG How Your Law Firm Would Benefit from Responsive Website Design

Published: Feb 21, 2020 3 min read
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In the world of law, your website should reflect the reputation and the level of excellence to which you hold your practice. With a custom design, a thorough understanding of your target market, responsive ecommerce, and comprehensive SEO practices and web analytics, your law firm website design will put your practice a step ahead of your competitors.

How can you build a law firm website design that catches the eyes of potential clients and showcases partner expertise?

The solution lies in site creation and management expertise.

Through beautiful, engaging, and informative content and graphics, your website design will drive traffic and increase interest in your practice. In the planning stages, keep customer service and user experience at the forefront of all decision making. Consider the following questions in the brainstorming process for your website’s creation or next big update: can potential clients easily contact us? Are our landing pages informative and easy to read? Is the design nice to look at?

According to HubSpot’s 9th Annual Report on the Future of Inbound Marketing and Sales, one of the top marketing challenges that organizations face is generating traffic and leads at 63 percent.

Without a website design that focuses on your law firm’s brand and website stability and functionality, you’ll miss out on the users you need to build a larger, more engaged client base.

The fact that 55 percent of individuals who seek legal assistance contact a legal professional first is another reason to place a heavier emphasis on making your law firm’s website design both highly visible online and user-friendly. Draw potential clients in with a pleasing design that outlines our services, highlights the expertise of the practice’s partners, and showcases your best testimonials.

At ONE18MEDIA, we want to make sure your website is both beautiful and functional. By learning more about your practice and target market, we will work with your schedule to bring you a responsive law firm website design with a foundation in graphic work and an appealing user experience – completely tailored to you and your unique brand.