BLOG How LinkedIn Uses Linkedin for Marketing

Published: Feb 2, 2017 2 min read
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By Andrew Hutchinson

Source: SocialMedia Today


If you use LinkedIn for advertising, or are considering doing so in future, this new infographic is a worthy reference point.

LinkedIn recently released their new eBook “The Secret Sauce: How LinkedIn Uses LinkedIn For Marketing“. The book provides tips on how LinkedIn uses its own services to increase engagement on content. And given their insider knowledge and experience, the tips and tricks they’ve learned are no doubt largely indicative and worth paying attention to.

Among the tips included are:

  • Sponsored content posts that included a statistic saw a 37% higher CTR, and received 162% more impressions.
  • Using Sponsored Content and InMail together resulted in a 95% increase in CTRs
  • Addressing the audience directly lead to a 185% boost in engagement rate

Of course, LinkedIn would see better results, and you’d expect the data would obviously lean towards boosting ad spend on the platform, but there are some valuable insights here to consider for any brand looking at paid outreach on LinkedIn.

Source: SocialMedia Today

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