How to Make An Audience Notice, Remember and Love Your Brand on Facebook

By Aida Gadzo



In a world where smartphones and photo filters have greatly improved our ability to take and edit photos, it’s become important to have credible, high quality and relevant visual content on Facebook.

The type of content that will not only help you establish brand reputation and become instantly recognizable, but also allow your fans to notice, understand and engage with your content.

So if your posts are getting lost in the noise of the Newsfeed or if your presence is hard to distinguish from the competition, it’s time to elevate the visual experience of your brand by following these four elements:

1. Cover Photo

As it takes almost a quarter of the screen, Cover Photos are a perfect place to showcase brand personality.

Use it to highlight an offer, promote hashtag campaigns or communicate some call to action but don’t try to convey too many ideas at once.

If you want to promote your latest eBook, great! Just don’t promote your latest eBook, upcoming Conference and list of prominent speakers all on the same cover. Make sure to highlight just one idea at a time, as that will motivate you to change your Cover photo frequently.

Also, always keep in mind where the profile picture and text are placed so that your overall design makes sense.

2. Profile Photo

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