BLOG Why Do We Need Social Media Channels?

Published: Feb 26, 2019 5 min read
Social media trends
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By Roma Kapadiya

Source: Martech Advisor

Are you tapping the business potential that social media channels have? Roma Kapadiya, Web Researcher and SEO Consultant talks in depth about the use of social media and how can it affect your business.

Social Media applications are the highest used web and mobile applications across the globe. People are spending greater time on their smartphone than ever before. The statistics of global internet usage suggests an average of 135 minutes is spent by internet users per day on social media applications and this time is increasing every year. People are able to communicate with other people and share any media like messages, images, audios and videos worldwide at their fingertips through the use of social media. Social media channels have the power to increase your brand awareness, help you reach global markets, increase your customer base and thereby, achieve exponential growth for your business.

Are you tapping the business potential that social media channels have? Let us know more about the use of social media and how can it affect your business.

There are several reasons why people make use of social media and how it is useful.

  • It helps in making the users feel involved. They feel that they are able to participate in things that are happening around the world.
  • It helps the users in raising their voice against an unjust act or issue. They can also come together and support a cause which can help them feel strongly about it.
  • It can help people in interacting with each other and developing relationships with other people living across the border.
  • It helps in sharing valuable information and also influences the audience this way.
  • It helps in marketing and advertising for a product and also creates a global presence for that brand and its products and services.
  • Most channels need a certain amount of lead time to generate a return on investment. So this way it helps in generating revenue.
  • It can also help in giving quick results in terms of sales and revenue, in certain cases.

There are four major types of social media.

1. Social Networks. The basic goal of any social network is to connect with people. These social media channels can be utilized for building relationships with different brands and companies. The major focus is to be the medium using which companies and the people who are using the products and services of these companies. This is why social networks are often known as Relationship Networks. Another purpose of using these platforms is to do tasks that are simple and easy to perform.

2. Blogging Networks. The publishing and blogging networks is a social media that plays an important role in informing the users about any new content by the way of publishing, discovering and remarking on different content created by other people. These blogging and content publishing platforms also work as brand representatives tools. They can release their content for the public in order to encourage them for engaging with the companies by the way of commenting and sharing. There is a wide range of publishing and blogging networks. This includes blogging platforms like WordPress as well as Medium.

3. Media Sharing Networks. Media sharing networks mean the social media networks that can be used to share different media content like images, videos etc. videos, photos. These media sharing networks have proved to be an amazing asset for brands in order to promote their products and services. Media sharing networks can help you get in touch with an audience of hundreds and thousands of people. There is a very thin line between social networks and media sharing networks. but the thing that differentiates between the two networks is their basic objective.

4. Discussion Forums. These forums are social media networks that have been present in the market even before platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter were there. These discussion forums allow users to upload their queries. Other users can then solve those queries by providing useful and informative answers to those questions. Discussion Forums are still a very popular way of connecting to other people.

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