BLOG How SEO Can Actually Affect Your School’s Online Visibility

Published: Feb 21, 2020 3 min read
SEO marketing concept
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Maintaining a strong online presence is key to establishing a one-stop environment to share important information with parents and students. With the right SEO practices and expert knowledge of the industry, your school will be able to showcase its brand, communicate the essentials, and draw more eyes to the site.

Search engine optimization or SEO refers to the techniques and practices involved in improving a website’s ranking in online search engines. In a nutshell, better SEO equals better and more visibility in the digital space.

You may have heard the common SEO statistic that states that approximately 93 percent of online experiences begin with search engine queries.

In fact, “in 2019 (to date), Google accounted for just over 75 percent of all global desktop search traffic, followed by Bing at 9.97 percent, Baidu at 9.34 percent, and Yahoo at percent,” according to content marketing consultant Jen Barrell.

One of the most important and effective methods of improving your school’s SEO is improving the user experience across the entire site. Begin with a focus on accessibility – are any hyperlinks dead? Do pictures appear sharp?

Next, place further emphasis on page content with quality writing that is short, concise, and readable. Make the page flow with the information you choose to communicate to your school’s online users.

Online users of school websites want easy access to the information they’re looking for. Don’t bury your content – instead, organize your site with proper website management practices in mind. Important elements to consider here are page titles and descriptions. Communicate with search engines through strong foundational use of metadata and keywords.

By keeping SEO practices in mind, your school’s website ensures users enjoy easy navigation to the information they need. Consider other matters of content including headings, content length, and backlinking.

At ONE18MEDIA, we’re dedicated to bringing the best SEO practices to your website. Contact us today to learn about how your schools webpage can be optimized to boost your site’s credibility and visibility in the face of current and potential students and families.