BLOG Seven Ways To Achieve Profitability With Digital Marketing

Published: Feb 21, 2019 3 min read
Reading Time: 3 minutes

By Robert Brill

Source: Forbes

Digital advertising is one of the most powerful and most popular methods of reaching consumers and driving business results. Digital ads allow advertisers an incredible amount of control over messaging and creative rotation. And the digital world permits tremendous flexibility in market segmentation, ad frequency and overall campaign scale. To take advantage of the profitability gains achievable with digital marketing in 2019, keep these seven elements in mind.

1. Be everywhere to your niche audience.

One major difference between Fortune 500 advertising agencies and smaller firms is that the former can reach a larger pool of customers simply because they have more money. Smaller firms can’t hope to compete on raw numbers of people exposed to their message.

But the focus shouldn’t be on reaching the largest possible number of people. Instead, it should be on surrounding your target audience with your message everywhere they go. Reach your market at various times of the day, in a variety of settings, using various media. Make sure your target audience can’t help but notice your brand.

When consumers see and hear your brand everywhere — on Pandora or Spotify on their way to work; on Facebook, Instagram, or their favorite blog during their lunch break; and on streaming TV in the evening — they take action. The perception builds that your business is strong, it is popular, and it meets their needs. You reach them, make an impact and appeal to something in their psyche, giving you a sales opportunity and them a chance to purchase something they desperately want.

2. Use Facebook to your advantage.

Despite the scandals, political hearings and pressure from the press, Facebook continues to be the ultimate resource for businesses. More than six million advertisers rely on the platform to reach their respective markets. Here’s how to get the best return from your Facebook advertising expenditures in 2019:

• Efficiencies: Use Q1 buying power to earn additional efficiencies with your Facebook ads. Performance increases as the glut of holiday advertisers step away from the platform.

• Instagram Stories: If you aren’t already buying Instagram Stories (remember that Facebook owns Instagram), this a must for your ad campaign. I have found that these five-second ads can cost up to 35% less per click and per sale gained than Newsfeed ads.

• Creative testing: Facebook’s powerful algorithm determines when and where to place an ad to achieve the desired effect. But to improve performance, cycle through three to five creative formats at a time. Test unconventional creative efforts. On one recent campaign, I was able to reduce our cost per lead by 10% with this strategy.

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