BLOG The Shocking Truth About Digital Marketing

Published: Feb 23, 2020 3 min read
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By Charles Mazzini

Source: Forbes

A study by Smart Insights (membership required) shows that 4 in 10 businesses don’t have a “defined” digital marketing strategy. What’s more, CNBC reported that “billions of digital marketing dollars are being wasted as online adverts miss their intended targets.”

Without a digital marketing strategy, businesses may experience everything from incorrect marketing channels and budget allocations to low organic rankings, website engagement, ROI and quality leads.

Unfortunately, since many companies don’t know where to start, they are led down a rabbit hole of online marketing scams and agencies that do not specialize in internet marketing. As a result, businesses waste valuable time responding to spam emails, irrelevant phone calls and unqualified leads.

Many of the agencies that ensure quick results at low costs neglect to define and execute a digital marketing strategy for their clients. Instead, they simply “sell” anything they can and tell the client how great the results are going to be.

One after another, these agencies execute various online campaigns without knowing the company’s target audience, marketing channels or campaign goals. Their lack of research results in companies spending thousands of dollars and time on ineffective digital marketing campaigns.

When these campaigns fail, businesses return to their old habits of answering spam emails and phone calls from other agencies that promise rapid results at low costs. They continue pouring out money to the next fast talker who promises them unrealistic results.

Once again, no target audience has been identified. The proper digital marketing channels have not been researched or determined, and the company’s goals are undefined. Fortunately, there’s a much better solution for businesses that are looking for digital marketing solutions.

The solution is a well-defined, well-analyzed and well-performed digital marketing strategy that includes researching, understanding and defining a specific target audience. It also requires understanding the company’s marketing goals, competitive landscape, channel performance and budget allocation.

A digital marketing strategy can save companies an enormous amount of time, money and resources because it defines a well-researched and predetermined path. While there are always a few adjustments to be made along the way, it is a road map that takes businesses in the right direction.

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