BLOG Snapchat Introduces Three New Features

Published: Jul 6, 2017 2 min read
Reading Time: 2 minutes

By Jessica Conditt

Source: Engadger


Snapchat users today have three more tools designed to make their lives look (and sound) magical — backdrops, a discrete voice-filter option, and paperclip, a way to add links to images and videos.

Backdrops allow Snapchatters to place images “behind” people or objects in photo messages. To add a background to a Snap, tap the scissors icon in the vertical toolkit and then select the new Backdrop icon (a diagonally striped square). Trace over whatever you want to be in the foreground, choose a Backdrop image and watch the magic happen. There will be a selection of images to choose from, with new backgrounds rotated in daily.

Source: engadget

Voice filters aren’t new for Snapchat, but today’s update breaks the tool out of Lenses for anyone to use at any time, no doggy ears required. After recording a video Snap, tap the speaker icon to see a range of voices, including a cute little chipmunk, a beastly bear and a robot.

Paperclip lets users attach websites to their Snaps. Take a Snap, tap the paperclip icon in the vertical toolkit and add in your link: Viewers will be able to swipe up to view the link within Snapchat itself.

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