BLOG The Importance of Investing in Your Digital Marketing Team

Published: Feb 28, 2023 5 min read
Investing in Your Digital Marketing Team
Reading Time: 5 minutes

Let’s take a break from all the technical reading and let’s focus on another crucial aspect of digital marketing: investing in your team. For those who work in the digital marketing industry, you know the daily grind and struggle of doing such. This is why it’s important as leaders to invest in your team and ensure company-wide happiness. Here’s a look at the importance of investing in your digital marketing team and how it can help everyone in the long run.

Investing In Your Digital Marketing Team Leads to Increased Productivity and Motivation

When it comes to investing in your digital marketing team, one of the most important things to do is maintain a people-focused mindset. No worker wants to be seen as a disposable member of the team; in fact, they want and need to be valued. When you invest in your digital marketing team, you’re doing more than just putting a professional on the payroll. You’re investing in your employee’s productivity and motivation as well.


So how exactly can investing lead to increased motivation? For one, providing your employees with the resources and support system they need can help bolster their workflow and output. For example, if your team’s copywriter tends to encounter massive spats of writer’s block, perhaps it’s a good idea to invest in software like Copy.AI, which provides plagiarism-free copy based on inputted prompts.


Another important way to invest in your employees is through the offering of bonuses. There’s no simple way of sugarcoating it — people need to live and eat, and it’s money that allows them to do so. If you notice that a worker is on a roll, provide them a financial bonus that shows appreciation for their hard work.

Opportunities for Growth

If there is no room for growth, then eventually all work becomes monotonous and runs the risk of becoming phoned in. Providing room for growth and learning new skills is a great way to keep employees motivated and on their toes.

Eliminating Micromanagement

Investing in Your Digital Marketing TeamNo one likes micromanagement. When you spend time investing in your digital marketing team, you can eliminate this workplace scourge and make work a happier place for your employees. 

In fact, employees are happier, more motivated and more productive when they don’t have to worry about doing the work with a watchful eye. They can spend their time on other tasks that are important to the organization or getting things done. This is accomplished through investing in useful resources that help expedite your employees’ output.

Moreover, managers are able to focus on the big picture, instead of providing additional instruction for employees. They also have more time for customer relations because they aren’t spending so much time answering questions from employees who may already know how to complete their tasks effectively.

Reduced Turnover

Investing in your digital marketing team reduces turnover because employees feel that they’re valued by the company, which is important for creating a strong culture that can attract top talent and retain it for years to come. Having a great culture means hiring people who are happy with their jobs and want to stay at the company for a long time — and that won’t happen if you don’t invest in them.

Moreover, if you don’t provide room for growth alongside the previously mentioned incentives, you run the risk of creating a revolving door of employees — which ultimately can spell disaster for your company in the long-run. 

ONE18MEDIA’s Commitment to Digital Marketing

At ONE18MEDIA, we take pride in creating a work environment that is conducive to growth, success, and happiness for all of our employees. With our people-centric approach, we are able to deliver impeccable financial and sales growth for our clients. To learn more about how the well-oiled machine at ONE18MEDIA can do so for you, please visit our website and contact us for a FREE marketing audit today!