BLOG The Time Is NOW for Social Media Marketing

Published: Jul 13, 2017 3 min read
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In a world dominated by social media culture and online engagement, it’s becoming more and more difficult to escape the efforts of companies seeking to further their reach through popular apps such as Facebook and Twitter. Whether the goal is to attract potential employees or further fuel the growth of the social media career industry, companies have undoubtedly hit the online marketing jackpot — they won’t plan on loosening their grip on the reins when it comes to drawing attention to the company brand.

According to an article by the Tribune Review’s Samantha Bomkamp, McDonald’s isn’t wasting any time in using social media to its advantage. The conglomerate corporation partnered with the popular mobile app Snapchat to attract the millennial age group that makes up more than half of the app’s total active users. In April of this year, the company released its “Snaplication” filter in Australia. Featuring the McDonald’s crewmember uniform complete with matching name tag, the filter invites users to send in a 10-second clip of themselves to the company. A representative would review the clip and invite the user to fill out an application in-store. While the “Snaplication” does not replace the traditional face-to-face interview, McDonald’s has indicated that recruiters will keep the clips in mind in the hiring process.

With such advancements within the marketing industry being put into motion, it’s no wonder that business schools across the country are taking notice of the expanding field’s potential for young graduates seeking to start their careers. According to an article by Deseret News, LDS Business College in Salt Lake City, Utah is one such institution. The school’s social media marketing program has taken off since its creation in 2014. With over 400 students currently enrolled, the program has grown to become the institution’s second largest. With the advent of professional and social sites alike such as LinkedIn and Facebook, the demand for positions within social media marketing will only increase. Whether the organization at hand is the world’s largest fast food chain or a college seeking to train its students for the competitive professional world, one thing remains the same: there’s no escaping the influence of social media marketing.
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