Twitter Shares Planning Guide for Your 2021 Tweet Strategy

By Andrew Hutchinson

Source: Social Media Today

Two key elements of an effective social media marketing strategy are planning and consistency.

It takes planning to ensure that you’re communicating with your target audience, that you’re utilizing the latest best practices, and that you’re tapping into key moments and trends. Being consistent, meanwhile, helps users learn what to expect, and to develop a stronger relationship with your social presence.

The same is true across all platforms, and while you also need to maintain a level of flexibility to revise and adjust to new changes as they come up, having that core strategy is key to building an effective, engaging social presence.

Which is where this new guide from Twitter comes in.

Normally, Twitter publishes a month-by-month listing of key events and dates for your planning each year, but with the COVID-19 pandemic tanking so many events, and leaving many more in an unpredictable state, this time around, Twitter has opted for an overall strategic guide, which includes prompts, insights, tips and templates to map out your tweet approach.

The 108-page guide includes pointers on how to find your brand’s tweet voice, including worksheets to fill out:

Twitter branding guide

It also includes tips on key functions and tools to try to boost your tweet presence:

Twitter planning guide

Twitter’s also included monthly worksheets, so you can enter in objectives and goals for each month:

Twitter guide 2021

And while Twitter hasn’t provided a listing of events on each day, it has provided monthly calendar listings, with some pointers as to the key events in each.

Twitter planning guide

There’s also a listing of tweet prompts to help get you thinking:

Twitter planning guide

Along with best practice tips, recurring hashtags, Twitter poll ideas, video types, ad targeting notes and more.

It’s a helpful guide, especially for brands either starting out with a tweet strategy or struggling to get a grasp on what they should be tweeting about.

Which is still a lot of businesses – and as more brands look to shift their operations online, in response to consumer shifts, basic tools like this can be a significant help.

And even if you’ve been on Twitter a while, it could be worth going through some of the planning exercises and processes to ensure you’re making the most of your tweet opportunities.

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