BLOG Understanding the Importance of Drip Campaigns

Published: Jul 12, 2022 5 min read
drip campaigns
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Marketing is constantly evolving and new methodologies are always at the helm. You may have heard of drip campaigns — which are essentially automated emails that blast out at opportune times — but you’re probably unsure of its purpose. Drip campaigns, in fact, are quite useful. Here’s what you need to know.

Reaching Prospective Clients Through Drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns are quite a powerful tool when it comes to reaching the masses. When targeting potential clients, cultivating an email list and preparing appropriate mailers for them can help your business grow and stand out from the crowd. But before you even dive into blasting that drip campaign out, you’re probably wondering: How do I cultivate a client email list?

In order to develop a bustling prospective client email list, there are several methods you can employ. According to HubSpot, a leader in digital marketing, including surveys, timed advertisements, and personalized Calls to Action (CTAs) on your website can help grow your email list. Timing is important, as you don’t want to bombard your potential clients with ads all at once.

Furthermore, encouraging site visitors to subscribe to your email list by offering value (think: “Yes, sign me up!” and “No, I don’t want more leads”) is a surefire way to drive email sign-ups. A little tongue-in-cheek humor doesn’t hurt either. After all, who actually likes FOMO?

Following Up with Prospective Clients Through Drip Campaigns

After developing your prospective client email base, you’ll want to follow up with them through specific, tailored drip campaigns. Said drip campaigns can include a welcome email — expressing how grateful you are that they signed up and what value you can continue to offer them. From there, your drip campaign can split off in several directions.

Perhaps they never opened that first email. You can create a follow-up email based on that specific user behavior to explain how your services cater to them, answer any potential questions they have, and field any potential objections. Alongside that, you can directly note that they didn’t open the first email — thus creating a personalized connection from B2C. These types of emails can help re-engage not only new clients, but also lapsed ones.

If they open that first email, however, they are then thrusted into a funnel which you can nurture into a potential sale. Use this as an opportunity to offer more insight into your brand, answer questions they have, and leverage potential products that they may find useful.

Again, you don’t want to bombard your prospects with overwhelming communication. Set a schedule that sees the emails blast out in an evenly spaced out fashion.

Nurturing Your Current Client Base

Of course, you can’t forget about your current client base when it comes to drip campaigns. For those who have already purchased a product of yours and established a form of brand loyalty, use this as a means to check in with them (a simple “How are you?” email goes a long way). You can also utilize drip campaigns here to flag future events, news, and any potential sales you may be having,

This is also a great opportunity to segment your email lists, which can be split into numerous ways. Consider factors including location, email preferences, buyer’s journey, and more. It’s rather easy to fall into the trap of “set it and forget it” for all clients. Segmenting your clients will further improve ROI based on their activity. And don’t just take our word for it — a study conducted by Folloze Research shows that 55% of professionals saw an ROI boost based on personalized drip campaigns.

Increasing Conversion Through Communication

At the end of it all, drip campaigns are great communication tool for B2C purposes, Encouraging both your prospective and existing clients to reach out to you — whether it’s through email, calling, or text — can further funnel those into a sale. Offering contact information ultimately is a great way to take a personalized drip campaign and cultivate it into a real, human connection.

ONE18MEDIA’s Drip Campaign Approach

At ONE18MEDIA, we can help set you up for success with our drip campaign approach. From cold emailing to leveraging your current client base, our dedicated team of marketing experts can take your business to the next level. To learn more about how ONE18MEDIA can help you and your goals, please visit our website and get in contact with us today!