BLOG How to Write Facebook Status Updates That Will Leave Your Audience Coming Back for More

Published: Jun 2, 2017 4 min read
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By Neil Patel

Source: NeilPatel


Ever feel like you don’t get that much attention on Facebook?

Every marketer wants more attention.

After all, that’s the goal of social media marketing, right?

The problem is, it can be difficult to get some time in Facebook’s spotlight unless you know exactly what to do.

The trick sounds simple: You have to optimize your status updates to stand out.

In reality, there’s more to it than that, but that’s the basic idea — optimizing your updates.

The way you optimize your fan page updates is not super obvious by any means. So don’t beat yourself up for not “doing it right.”

I’m going to show you how to consistently create status updates that get attention.

No more waiting for likes and comments. No more spending 20 minutes on each update.

Just an easy process that gets results.

Let’s jump right in.

What do Facebook users engage with the most?

Have you ever asked yourself exactly what gets the most engagement on Facebook?

It’s a question you need to ask.

First off, let’s define “engagement.” According to Facebook, engagement is somewhat of an umbrella term that can refer to all the actions people take as a result of what you post.

For status updates, this breaks down into likes, comments, and shares.

Screen Shot 2017 05 18 at 9.52.15 PM
Source: NeilPatel

So what do people engage with?

A couple of years ago, I created an infographic that explains exactly this.

Screen Shot 2017 05 18 at 9.53.13 PM
Source: NeilPatel

Here’s the shortened version for you: People like content that is interesting, important, timely, and funny.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to tick all of those boxes to create a great update.

But you do have to make something worth engaging with. That’s a lot easier said than done, so here are some examples.

Starbucks regularly gets more engagement on inspirational posts like this one:

Screen Shot 2017 05 18 at 9.53.25 PM
Source: NeilPatel

They also get high engagement for announcements of any kind:

Screen Shot 2017 05 18 at 9.58.40 PM
Source: NeilPatel

These kinds of updates are interesting, important, and sometimes funny. They inspire people who follow Starbucks, and they have good photography to boot.

I doubt you’re as big as Starbucks (I’m not either!), so let’s look at a smaller brand.

Lyle’s, a restaurant in London, gets the most likes when they post pictures of food:

Screen Shot 2017 05 18 at 9.53.49 PM
Source: NeilPatel

Food posts almost always outperform all of their other updates. That’s because these posts are interesting and relevant.

Of course, there are tons of other factors that come into play here, and you could definitely research this more.

Overall, remember that your content needs to be interesting, important, timely, and/or funny.

Let’s break down each one of these to see how they work.


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