BLOG Your Industry is Online, and You Should Be, Too

Published: Nov 25, 2019 3 min read
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“Why do I need to update my website? My industry isn’t online…”

But isn’t it? One of the biggest mistakes a B2B business can make is neglecting their reputation by not establishing an online presence. Without a website, your B2B company isn’t able to establish the important, meaningful connections with current and potential customers as well as important players in your industry. In fact, 40 percent believe that digital tools are “not relevant for my business, according to a small business study by Deloitte.

The majority of B2B companies in the industrial, construction, and manufacturing industries that don’t have a website say it’s because their industry isn’t online. You might think that your industry isn’t online, but it are. Property managers, building owners, and tenants are all looking for you in the digital space, so it’s critical to make y

If you are there, you’re on the right track. If you’re not, you could be sacrificing the effectiveness of your business strategy and visibility to potential customers, industry professionals, and competition.

According to Deloitte’s study, “69 percent of digitally advanced businesses stated that digital tools improve employee satisfaction.” With a website designed to enhance your B2B business’s products and services as well as your unique company mission and strategy, purchases will see a significant increase over time – up to 67 percent for industrial, manufacturing, and similar

In this technological age, more and more business is being conducted online. Manufacturers and customers alike are looking to engage with one another in the digital space, interactions that are facilitated by an active and functional website. Indeed, many purchases made within the commercial and industrial industries begin with online research. With a personalized website, you’ll be ensuring your business’s services are at the forefront of customers’ research. In addition, your business will be able to compete with your competition through the showcasing of your products and services, mission, and team.

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