By Michelle Joe Source: Digital Agency Network Who doesn’t want a successful business with a loyal customer base? Attracting and retaining customers is the most important marketing goal for small businesses in 2019. Reputation management is an excellent skill small business should work on to achieve these marketing goals. After the fraudulent practices of corporations […]

By AJ Agrawal Source: Entrepreneur Despite the traditional saying that “All press is good press,” anyone who runs a business knows that isn’t really true. In fact, it seems like it’s easier than ever these days to get attention that has a negative impact on your business and a correlating effect on your revenues. Even press […]

By Abhishek Talreja Source: Digital Agency Network Email marketers have a variety of tasks on their platter. From building email lists to crafting and scheduling newsletters to measuring the results, there never seems to be enough time in the day for the ambitious email marketing specialist. But as they say, it’s smart-work that wins over […]

By Barrett Wissman Source: Entrepreneur Over the past few years, we’ve witnessed the rise of the Instagram influencer. Influencers have developed into content creators who wield enough marketing power to attract attention from major brands willing to engage in bidding wars over their next sponsored post. According to Mediakix estimates, influencing on Instagram is already […]

By Michelle Joe Source: Digital Agency Network Cybercrime have extensively become a great threat for web users and website owners. This is a result of poor website security and people need to take intense care about it in order to sustain their businesses. Identifying threats is something important but preventing them is way too important. […]

By Jenny Harrison Source: Digital Agency Network Social Proof has been quite prominent and a prevalent concept that applies to any field of business and commerce. This concept is directly correlated with the success of the brand and how the business is targeting its potential customer base. Put yourself in your consumer’s shoes, would you […]

By Melissa Burns Source: Digital Agency Network Probably every web designer who starts out as a freelancer has at least some hopes or aspirations towards creating his own marketing and web design agency and scaling it into a booming business successfully dealing with dozens of employees and customers on a regular basis. However, rising from […]