The 18 Best Writing Tips You’ll Ever Read By Lauren Holliday Source: Medium What do editors say about your writing when you’re not around? I’m willing to bet nothing good… if you’re not following these 18 very important writing tips. 1. Read. Read a lot. “If you don’t have the time to read, you don’t […]

The Lego Model: How to Build Your Social Brand SocialTimes: Twitter, Web Video   It seems to me that there is one universal truth in this world: Everyone loves, has loved or is nostalgic for Lego. From the incredible success of The Lego Movie, to the product enjoying decades of success, not to mention the […]

How to Format Your Blog Posts for Better Readability and SEO: 11 Effective Tips to Improve Engagement   By Pam Neely!   So what to do? How do you get readers to stick with your content long enough to finish a full-length blog post, much less the super-long posts so many SEO studies (like […]

8 Salivating Tips For Video Marketing On Facebook By Mehroz Khan Facebook is all the rage this year… There are 1.65  billion monthly users which in and of itself is a huge number, but it also defines an extremely diverse audience. Love or hate the platform, there is no getting away from the power […]

We firmly believe in making sure that our clients, and perspective clients know not only our secrets, but industry standards and practices (both good and bad). Without further ado, we will now give you 5 Musts Before Launching Your Social Media Marketing Campaign. 5 Musts Before Launching Your Social Media Marketing Campaign By Jayson Demers Entrepreneur: […]

How to Create Instagram Stories By Kristi Hines Source: Social Media Examiner   Want to learn how to publish Instagram Stories? Wondering how engagement works for Instagram Stories? Instagram Stories allow you to record live video or take photos with your smartphone and add them to a story that lasts for only 24 hours. In […]

What do Content Marketers Need to Know About SEO? By Graham Charlton Search Engine Watch The way that search marketing has evolved over the last few years has brought content marketing and SEO ever closer together.  Content creation and SEO used to be very separate disciplines in the past, but now it’s hard to see how […]

If You Aren’t Thinking Mobile First, You’re Doing It Wrong By Alex Iskold Entrepreneur:Mobile Apps   It is mind blowing to me how many startups and big companies get mobile totally wrong. Take a look at this tweet from Benedict Evans: This is mobile commerce — currently the worst experience on mobile, but it is still growing […]

From golden rules like setting proper social media goals to truly understanding consumer behavior and implementing that into your marketing strategy.