The Social Media Marketing Checklist Your Business Needs in 2017 By Tereza Litsa Source:  Search Engine Watch   As social media marketing becomes more challenging and time-consuming, it’s time to get more organized when managing your brand’s social presence. It’s not easy handling a brand’s social presence, but its successful management can lead to great results. […]

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By Hal Conick Source: American Marketing Association Brands on social media can find a way to make a hit on Super Bowl Sunday Big or small, brands have a chance to pick up steam—and perhaps go viral—any given Super Bowl Sunday. Influence Central’s 2017 Biggest Game in Football report says 78% of consumers engage in […]

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By Andrew Hutchinson Source: SocialMedia Today   If you use LinkedIn for advertising, or are considering doing so in future, this new infographic is a worthy reference point. LinkedIn recently released their new eBook “The Secret Sauce: How LinkedIn Uses LinkedIn For Marketing“. The book provides tips on how LinkedIn uses its own services to increase engagement on content. And given […]