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Published: May 25, 2021 5 min read
effective marketing copy
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The Secret to Writing Effective Marketing Copy

Effective marketing copy makes you feel something. Good writing takes you places. That’s why strengthening writing and storytelling skills is so important to the establishment of an effective digital marketing plan—regardless of your business, clientele, or industry. 

At ONE18MEDIA, we’re in the business of delivering our clients with the digital marketing experience they need to gain a clearer picture of the path ahead. By building our understanding of your business and goals, we will be able to generate marketing copy that captures the attention of leads and transforms them into reachable, communicable clients who will make up the foundation of your business plan as you consider the future. 

So, in what other ways is the writing of effective marketing copy important, and how can you write web material that achieves the lead results you expect from your digital marketing strategy

The Importance of Effective Marketing Copy

Good writing comes down to getting your content in front of as many eyes as possible. As a business owner, it’s in your best interest to sell your products and services to the individuals who need them most—and effective marketing copy can help you convey that need to potential clients in the optimal digital environments. 

Through the thoughtful presentation of your content, you will be able to build a foundation of authority, authenticity, credibility, and trust between your business and industry clients. Through effective marketing copy, though, you begin to properly inspire members of your online audience to take the leap on your business through that initial phone call or email. 

How to Write Effective Marketing Copy

Where do you begin with learning to write effective marketing copy? Compelling written material is derived from a thorough understanding of the substance of your industry. As an expert on all things your business, you should already have the knowledge you need to convey the value of your products and services to potential customers and clients. The key, though, lies in knowing how to convey their need for your business through your written marketing material.

Steps to Writing Effective Marketing Copy

  1. Begin by writing down a list of the potential marketing materials you want to incorporate into your digital marketing strategy. You will then need to consider the amount of written copy that will need to be generated for each type of marketing content. 
  2. Define your target audience by considering your current clientele as well as those of your competitors. Ask yourself, Who am I writing to? Who needs my products or services the most? 
  3. Identify your writing objective. Once you identify who your audience is, you must then establish your reason for writing to these individuals. What do you hope to gain from your interactions with online leads?
  4. Establish an appropriate style and tone for your writing. You want your writing to seem familiar and helpful to potential customers. Draw them in with the insight and capability portrayed by your written voice. Use active voice, and choose your adjectives carefully to avoid sounding too salesy or generic. 
  5. Deliver a powerful, persuasive call to action. The success of your written marketing material depends on the effectiveness of your calls to action. Turn potential customers into online leads by inspiring viewers of your written content to initiate an interaction with you via your landing and contact pages.

ONE18MEDIA and Your Digital Marketing Strategy

At ONE18MEDIA, we offer clients all the flexibility and transparency afforded by an in-house copywriting service. Your digital marketing solutions must coincide with your business model, which is why being able to count on effective marketing copy that delivers your message to potential clients is so important to the success of any marketing strategy. 

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