By Chad Vanags Source: eCommerceTimes Digital marketing was the firstborn child spawned from the invention of the Internet. It quickly became the major focus of businesses interactions — and transactions — both online and in person. Digital marketing now is fundamental to the success of your business. Why is digital marketing so important? Simply put, […]

By Mike Wood Source: Entrepreneur Understanding the forms of media and what they can and cannot do will help you optimize your ad spend. Customer trust is important to your business. People who trust you are more willing to be repeat customers and refer you to others. It can also lead to earned media such […]

Retargeting in a digital marketing strategy can be used to reach out to interested consumers who browsed a website but left before making a purchase.

By Andrew Hutchinson Source: SocialMedia Today   If you use LinkedIn for advertising, or are considering doing so in future, this new infographic is a worthy reference point. LinkedIn recently released their new eBook “The Secret Sauce: How LinkedIn Uses LinkedIn For Marketing“. The book provides tips on how LinkedIn uses its own services to increase engagement on content. And given […]

Putting Online Video Advertising In Context SocialTimes: Advertising/Marketing   By 2018, eMarketer projects that cord-cutters and “cord-nevers” will represent around 20 percent of the U.S. population, while more than 53 percent of all television viewers will also access programming online. Digital video viewers, more broadly defined as those consuming any form of online video content, will […]