By Charles Mazzini Source: Forbes A study by Smart Insights (membership required) shows that 4 in 10 businesses don’t have a “defined” digital marketing strategy. What’s more, CNBC reported that “billions of digital marketing dollars are being wasted as online adverts miss their intended targets.” Without a digital marketing strategy, businesses may experience everything from […]

By Oganes Vagramovich Barsegyan Source: Forbes The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing as it evolves with new technology. As such, new trends, techniques and tools are introduced now and again, allowing businesses to better cater to the needs of consumers online and offline. I strongly believe that the following three trends are bound to […]

Maintaining a strong online presence is key to establishing a one-stop environment to share important information with parents and students. With the right SEO practices and expert knowledge of the industry, your school will be able to showcase its brand, communicate the essentials, and draw more eyes to the site. Search engine optimization or SEO […]

In the world of law, your website should reflect the reputation and the level of excellence to which you hold your practice. With a custom design, a thorough understanding of your target market, responsive ecommerce, and comprehensive SEO practices and web analytics, your law firm website design will put your practice a step ahead of […]

In 2017, there were 5,990 plumbers – and according to Newsday, the profession is expected to grow by a whopping 32 percent between 2014 and 2024. People need plumbers. So why are you not getting the phone calls and internet leads? It’s simple. The answer lies in your digital marketing strategy – or lack of […]

In this fast-paced and evolving digital landscape, the online environment for B2B companies is always shifting as a result. So, how do you ensure success in turbulent digital spaces to grow your client base, build more professional relationships, and get ahead of the competition? One of the most important digital marketing strategies that B2B companies [...]

By Lee Wilson Source: Searche Engine Journal It is all too easy to fall into the trap of the digital marketing comfort zone, but this can be a path into complacency, under-performance and ultimately decline. When marketing campaigns consistently perform year after year and momentum is positive, you may be fooled into thinking that everything […]